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What also makes the Rolex Sky-Dweller unique is the case size. At 42mm wide, the fake Rolex Sky-Dweller is among just a few "larger" Rolex fake watches, with the Explorer II 42mm and, once again, the Yachtmaster II. If you are used to 42mm wide fake watches, expect the Rolex Sky-Dweller to wear rather big given the widely spaced lugs. It wears a lot more like a 44mm wide watch, for sure. Of course, it comes with an Oyster-style case with has that distinctive popular Rolex look and 100 meters of water resistance.
When Rolex debuted the Rolex Sky-Dweller, it only came in gold - but in 18k yellow, rose (Everose), and white gold. For 2014, Rolex doubled the collection from three to six fake watches. There still aren't any new material options, but there are new dial styles (which are those models represented in this article), as well as new options for straps or bracelets. You'll notice that Rolex offers certain dial versions of the Rolex Sky-Dweller on a strap and other dial versions on matching 18k gold bracelets.
If you like the look of the fluted Rolex bezel, then you'll more than likely love the look of the Rolex Sky-Dweller. The precision milled and polished cases are immaculate, and detailing is intensely lovely. There is, of course, the "controversial" element of the Rolex Sky-Dweller, which is the dial design - something that people love or don't. I've never felt that the Rolex Sky-Dweller was an overly beautiful design, but I've since come to really respect it for its functional elements. The real issues for most people are the "open" GMT dial, as well as the skeletonized hands. The integration of the annual calendar continues to be clever as the month indicator is actually a window on the outside of the the respectively numbered hour indicator. Thus, a window filled in at 2 o'clock would mean it was February. The window filled in at 6 o'clock would be June, etc.
This, of course, is in combination with the traditional date window which once again has been fitted with a magnifier crystal over it on the sapphire crystal. While Rolex does have the GMT-Master II and the Explorer II as their major GMT fake watches, the Rolex Sky-Dweller does it a little bit differently, offering yet another GMT watch, but with an indicator disc versus a hand. The design of this disc has proved a bit controversial but remains effective. For some fun, we played around with various alternations to the Rolex Sky-Dweller for a fake watches Watch-If here. Taken as a whole, the open GMT disc is integrated about as well as one could hope, with a beveled edge window and a nice circular design that uniquely adds to the composition of the watch. Instant classic? Perhaps not, but it is certainly Rolex.
It is widely known that Rolex is fanatical about their metal. They do a lot of metallurgy in-house, and not all steel of the same grade is made equal. I've seen a lot of steel fake watches in my time and can say that no one makes steel or polishes a case quite like Rolex - and they so do fantastically using high-tech machines in rather large production volumes. This isn't about tiny details, but rather that the steel of a Rolex Submariner looks and feels a bit different than the steel of other fake watches. This is of course due in part thanks to Rolex's amazing brushed finishing that is applied to much of the Rolex Submariner case. Other parts of the case (such as the sides) are given a polished finish. These "alternating finishes" help the case to look its best.
Around the dial is a rotating diver's bezel which is more or less a standard element on the majority of dive fake watches. This bezel can be turned by your hand and gives you the ability to line up the 12 o'clock point with the minute hand to measure something that is up to 60 minutes long. This has a purpose while diving, but most people use it to measure short things like parking meters and cooking times while being an at-home chef. The bottom line is that even though the Rolex Submariner is a diver's watch, a very small percentage of the people who own it dive. Why buy a dive fake watches then? Well it is really about an appreciation for what a dive fake watches can do and what it represents. Activity, durability and exploration. While we aren't engaged in these things all the time, we like to keep capable items near us.
The rotating bezel on the Submariner used to have an aluminum insert with the minute indicators printed on it, but a few years ago Rolex moved over to making ceramic bezels. This was a distinct upgrade and Rolex calls their ceramic "Cerachrom." Sounds fancy right? The production process of the bezel include engraved numerals and lume. Some dive fake watches have lume in the entire bezel, but the Submariner is more traditional with a single lume point (pip) at 12 o'clock. The black ceramic bezel is shinier than aluminum, but is much more durable and very scratch resistant. Ceramic bezels are a wonderful thing. Among the various Rolex Submariner models available you can get ceramic bezels in black, blue, and green.
On the wrist, the Rolex Submariner is a very comfort friendly watch. Rolex has had literally decades to improve the design. It feels so natural on your wrist and for a dive fake watches it doesn't have a very tall profile either. There is a good reason that many people choose the Rolex Submariner as a daily wear. Aside from being very comfortable, the Rolex Submariner has the added quality of looking good on most wrists. Plus, it has versatile style that seemingly works with everything from jeans and t-shirt to practically a tuxedo. Very few fake watches can claim that.
Rolex offered a significant bracelet upgrade for its newest generation Rolex Submariner models. The most important elements of the upgrade are the bracelet's profile and ability to be micro-adjusted. More on that in a second. For years, the Rolex Submariner bracelet was a three-link tapering steel bracelet. Tapering means that the lugs get narrower closer to the deployant clasp. This actually helps the bracelet be more comfortable, and visually makes the case look a bit larger. Few brands make bracelets with tapering links because it increases the numbers of part types they need to produce to make them. Though I recommend tapering bracelets when they are available.
For many years, fake rolex watches deployant clasps stuck out awkwardly under your wrist. With the newest generation bracelets, they offer a much more clean profile - which was a welcome improvement. A lot of people buy the Rolex Submariner over other Rolex fake watches because of its Glidelock adjustment system. The idea is that you can micro-adjust the size of the bracelet within a few millimeters on the fly. This means that as your wrist naturally expands, you can re-size the bracelet with ease, or increase the size of the bracelet to be worn over a jacket or dive suit. The design and comfort of the bracelet should not be under-estimated, nor should you ignore these elements as a major selling point behind this model of Rolex watch. Sadly Rolex doesn't offer the Glidelock system with even similar fake watches such as the Explorer II - though you can get it in the beefier Deepsea models. As an interesting tangent, you should check out the spring-loaded system that Rolex/Tudor designed for the Pelagos here.
Now it all comes down to cost in the end. For some people a Rolex Submariner is a cheap daily wear, but for many people it is an item of aspiration with a price in the several thousand dollars. Over the years, the price of Rolex Submariner fake watches has creeped up to rather ambitious levels. Rolex still sells them in large quantities. The good news is that unlike many luxury fake watches, fake Rolex timepieces tend to hold value very well, and that is especially the case with the Rolex Submariner. While you probably aren't going to get rich buying one, you will likely be able to resell it for a price close to what you paid for it. That is good news for people who like to upgrade or switch fake watches every few years, or if you are in a financial pinch.