Single and Double Thickness 5mm - 8mm
Waney Edge Slats Widths 100mm - 150mm
  Lengths 1.825m
Battens Thickness 16mm - 19mm
  Widths 36mm - 38mm
  Lengths 1.219m to 1.828m
Cappings 16mm x 44mm x 1.828m
  16mm x 50mm x 1.828m
  Five Sided.


Panel Components

We can offer Slats, Battens and Cappings, unseasoned or green pressure treated.

We are also able to offer a 'Redwood Only' branded product that is treated to UC4 with Osmose Naturewood Plus. Available on a forward order basis, this product comes with a 15 year warranty.

All our agricultural and some of our sawn fencing products are sold ex quay.