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Sheds & Stables

Shiplap and PTGV Sizes
16mm x 125mm Nominal
19mm x 125mm Nominal
16mm x 150mm Nominal
19mm x 150mm Nominal
16mm x 100mm Nominal
19mm x 100mm Nominal

Loglap Sizes
22mm x 100mm Nominal

ThermoWood Sizes
19mm x 125mm Nominal
25mm x 125mm Nominal

Framing Sizes32mm x 50mm Nominal
38mm x 38mm Nominal
38mm x 50mm Nominal
38mm x 75mm Nominal
50mm x 50mm Nominal
50mm x 75mm Nominal



One of KDM’s main markets for almost 30 years, importing around 20,000m³ of planed and profiled items per annum with Sweden and Russia providing the bulk of this volume.

We predominantly source FSC or PEFC material, if this isn’t possible we aim to purchase from legally sourced, well managed forests, without exception.

KDM sell to a wide range of manufacturers within this sector, including Shed, Summerhouse, Garden Office and Stable Manufacturers.

We offer Sawfalling Red and Whitewood Shiplap in T&G and Overlap profiles as well as PTGV, Loglap and PAR Framing.

All packs are PTL, one length per pack and are 5 side wrapped.

KDM now hold extensive stock of most profiles at various locations to offer that just-in-time service.

We are now offering ThermoWood. This product is much more stable than untreated Softwood offering significantly less movement, has improved durability, excellent rich brown colour as well as being free from resin. This is available in both Overlap and PTGV.